Let's Sleep Better.

Before starting Linenbundle, we worked in the bed linen business for over 10 years. Yet we couldn't find sheets that blew us away? We wanted premium quality, responsibly sourced bedlinen, that actually improved your sleep. And we wanted it to be fairly priced.

2 years later, we were finally satisfied that we had crafted the best products we possibly could. High-quality, supersoft sheets and earth-friendly accessories, all designed to give you the sleep of your dreams.

The foundation that our business is built upon is Sleeping Better. This begins with ethical sourcing and sustainable production, and ends with you, our customer sleeping better.

And we will continue to be committed to giving you beautiful, luxury products at an accessible price.Thank you for being part of the journey.

Sleep Matters.

A good night’s sleep is so important. And while we might not always get our 8 hours, the handfeel and softness of our bedding is designed to make the sleep we do get, count. A Linenbundle Improved sleep can mean:

  • Increased energy - no more cranky mornings!
  • Improved concentration at work.
  • Taking care of your emotional wellbeing & the reduction of stress.
  • Improved cell repair - boosted immunity & healthier skin.

Sustainably sourced,
ethically produced.

We strive to have a positive impact, not only on people, but also on the planet. It’s not just our business strategy, it’s our moral obligation.

We use only the purest, 100% cotton in our sheets and 100% recycled materials in our duvet and pillow fills, saving 13.2 million grams of plastic from landfill last year.
We ensure our farmers are paid a fair, living wage, that our raw materials create minimal environmental impact and we only partner with makers who share our core values.

More About Our Ethics
Linenbundle Ethics. Sustainable bedding.
More About Our Ethics